S15 vector image originally thanks to John Norris (donbenni@hotmail.com).  
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The following manuals are provided 'as is' to help with your modding needs.

  S13 Manual (21.1MB PDF Zipped)
  S14 Manual (25.0MB PDF Zipped)
  S15 Manual (23.9MB PDFs Zipped)
  RB20 Manual (0.95MB GIFs Zipped)
  R32 GTR RB26DETT Manual (23.6MB PDF)
  SR20DET Wiring Diagram (0.16MB GIF)
  HKS EVC III Manual (0.58MB PDF)
  Apexi AVC-R Instruction Manual (1.23MB PDF)
  GReddy Profec A Manual (2.08MB PDF)
  GReddy Profec B Manual (2.16MB PDF)
  Translated S13 Fuse Box Lid (0.05MB JPG)
  SR20DE Stock ECU Maps (0.02MB ZIP)
  S13 180sx Manual (15.76MB ZIP)
  S15 Apexi Power Intake Head Shield (0.4MB ZIP)
  Whiteline S14/S15 Car Kit List (0.9MB PDF)
  SR20 Redtop Pinouts (0.06MB XLS)
  S14 Pinouts (0.025MB XLS)

SilviaNSW takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of these manuals, most have been collected from various sources on the Internet and are a merely hosted here to help those people who need this information for repairs, upgrades or tuning of their vehicles.