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The following sites are all great sources of information for owners, any information you require will most likely be available from these sites.

The definative SR20 tuning site
A great club pioneering Drifting in Australia
Nissan Sports Car enthusiasts and supporters
Information for Nissan Silvia Owners
200sx information site
A general forum site for car owners in Australia
Official Nismo site (Nissan Racing)
Adelaide Jap Dismantlers, a good place for parts
SSS Automotive, a really good place for parts and information
Japenese site with information about Nissans etc.
Performance car forums (duh!!)
Great rice shop
To get all those 'little things'
To get all those 'little things'
All things turbo here
Good chat forums
Compare all 7 NSW insurers
To get all those 'little things'
Good spares shop
Pioneer Australia
Good chat forums
The best alarms
More great car alarms
Great read
All things turbo
Good site all round
All things turbo
Online performance shop
Tony Rigoli Racing site
Good site all round
Car care information
Great rice shop
Good performance shop
Great rice shop/imports
Autosalon information
Good rice shop
Alpine car audio Australia
Online car Audio etc. Shop
Sony information
A great place to buy and sell second hand bits
For all things MOMO and Recaro
For all your on-line performance part needs
Another great Australian Silvia site
A great site with loads of technical information
Affordable workshop that specialises in engine conversions
Dr Buff - Paint Correction and Paint Protection Treatments