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SilviaNSW Mods Information Library

Installing a set of 6 1/2' speakers into factory S13 doors

Step 1 Step 2 Steps 3 ,4
1) Start by removing the door trim. First to be removed is the door handle, use a small flat blade screw driver to 'pop' the cap that covers the screw and unscrew it, then lift the handle out (it will be very tight, so be carefull) you might even need a second flatblade to leaver it out.
2) After removing the door handle, use a small flat blade screwdriver to 'pop' the cover for the screw on the door trim that is covered by the dash when the door is closed.
3) Using your flat blade screw driver again, 'carefully' remove the cover for the lock and handle (Be careful as these covers do break quite easily.)

4) After this is removed run your hands along the bottom of the trim till you find a large gap, stick your hand in the gap and simply pull the-
Steps 3, 5 cont Steps 5, 6 Steps 7, 8
door trim, so all the clips pull apart (all the trim will remove but the top edge) then lift the trim and it will simply lift off the door. You will then be left with the 5 x 7 speaker in the standard plastic speaker pod.
5) Unscrew the speaker first (because you cant unclip the wiring unless the speaker is removed) then unscrew the door pod.

6) Trace the back of the speaker pod out on a piece of MDF (I used 6mm and It works great)
7) Cut around the line that you traced with a jigsaw.

8) Drill the holes in the same postition as the standard holes in the plastic pod then screw the MDF to the door to make sure of correct fitting.
Step 9 Step 10 Tools Required

*Phillips and Flat blade screwdrivers


*Drill plus Small and large drill bits

*Crimpers and connectors


9) Use the speaker hole template you usually get on the back of the box when the speakers are new and cut the hole in the MDF using a jigsaw
10) Screw the MDF back into the door, cut the standard plug off the speaker wires and using a crimping tool,crimp some splice connectors onto the speaker wires and attach them to the correct pins on the back of your speakers then simply screw your speaker in and your done.