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PowerFC Details

This Apexi Power FC listing should provide all the information you require to select the PowerFC to suit your car and find a hand controller or boost kit to match etc.

FC Code
Boost Kit
Map Sensor
Silvia PS13 1/91-10/93 SR20DET 414-N014 415-X001 415-A013  
180sx RPS13 1/91-1/94 SR20DET 414-N014 415-X001 415-A013  
RPS13 1/94-8/96 SR20DET 414-N015 415-X001 415-A013  
RPS13 8/96-12/98 SR20DET 414-N017 415-X001 415-A013  
RPS13 8/96-12/98 SR20DET 414-N023 415-S001 415-A013 D-jetro
Silvia S14 10/93-6/96 SR20DET 414-N013 415-X001 415-A001  
S14 10/93-6/96 SR20DET 414-N019 415-S001 415-A001 D-jetro
S14 6/96-12/98 SR20DET 414-N016 415-X001 415-A013  
S15 1/99~ SR20DET 414-N018 415-X001 415-A013  
S15 1/99~ SR20DET 414-N024 415-S001   D-jetro
Skyline ER34 5/98~ RB25DET 414-N008 415-X001 415-A013  
ECR33 8/93-4/98 RB25DET 414-N012 415-X001 415-A001  
Skyline GTR BNR34 1/99~ RB26DETT 414-N010 415-X001 415-A001  
BNR32 9/89- RB26DETT 414-N011 415-X001 415-A001  
BCNR33 12/98. RB26DETT 414-N011 415-X001 415-A001  

Special thanks to our own moderator Risking for providing this information, while all care was taken to compile this list no responsibility is taken for anything that may happen to your ecu or car due to any incorrect information in the above table, please make sure you know what your doing before playing around with your ecu and any tuning of your car.