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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

Member #424
Num: #424

Name: RX-087

Nickname: -unknown-sss

Car: RX7 FC3S


Joined: 18/09/2004

Member #429
Num: #429

Name: Andrew

Nickname: TRUST



Joined: 27/09/2004

Member #430
Num: #430

Name: tim

Nickname: tim2004

Car: silvia s13


Joined: 27/09/2004

Member #433
Num: #433

Name: steven

Nickname: clumsyboi

Car: 200SX S14


Joined: 30/09/2004

Member #436
Num: #436

Name: Zac

Nickname: mCaCCs

Car: 1992 Silvia Q's SR20DE

Mods: Air Filter, Nismo Custom Clutch

Joined: 07/10/2004

Member #443
Num: #443

Name: Adrian

Nickname: Tipper_86

Car: s12 gazelle

Mods: my new new one is a dead stock rocker atm but will soon be worthy of shredding a few tyres

Joined: 24/10/2004

Member #444
Num: #444

Name: Andrew

Nickname: eckshale

Car: s15


Joined: 25/10/2004

Member #447
Num: #447

Name: Brendan

Nickname: The Fumagator

Car: S13

Mods: t3 turbo, turbo back exhaust, pod

Joined: 26/10/2004

Member #450
Num: #450

Name: Matt

Nickname: Dr.S13

Car: s13 soon (sr20det)


Joined: 03/11/2004

Member #453
Num: #453

Name: Steve

Nickname: IMPORT200SX

Car: S14a200sx

Mods: HKS FMIC, Apexi Air Filter, HKS dump pipe & Exhaust system, HKS GT 2535 Turbo, Custom stainless exhaust manifold, 660cc injectors, Walbro Fuel pump,Sard F/P regulator, Haltech E6X Engine managment system with electronic boost controller and Launch Controller,HKS turbo timer, HKS electronic boost gauge, DBA slotted/drilled disc rotors, Ferrodo pads, 19x8

Joined: 09/11/2004

Member #454
Num: #454

Name: Alex

Nickname: ONE-SIN

Car: 180SX

Mods: Vertex Body Kit, Type X Taillights, 18"x7.5" Lenso Passion wheels, GT28BB Turbo, GTR Front Mount I/C, 300ZX Fuel Pump, Boosted, Full 3 Inch Zorst, Short Shifter, Pivot RHU

Joined: 09/11/2004

Member #456
Num: #456

Name: Quang

Nickname: LS74CY

Car: Integra LS-R


Joined: 11/11/2004

Member #459
Num: #459

Name: Des

Nickname: beermonkey

Car: RPS13

Mods: Stock

Joined: 16/11/2004

Member #460
Num: #460

Name: brian

Nickname: Latino_Loco

Car: S14 200SX

Mods: Full Vertex bodykit 19in" chrome wheels hybird front mount intercooler 3in" zorst pod filter dual stage boost controller boost and amp gauges tv and dvd player

Joined: 17/11/2004

Member #462
Num: #462

Name: Nick

Nickname: nstylin

Car: 94' S14 200SX

Mods: See Forum Vehicle Gargage for Details

Joined: 26/11/2004

Member #463
Num: #463

Name: Trent

Nickname: G_Unit

Car: 1992 S13 Silvia

Mods: I don't Know yet just about to do the SR20DET conversion had a Sr20de with some min mods but give me 3 weeks and we will see what i have got lol :) :)

Joined: 02/12/2004

Member #465
Num: #465

Name: Tommy

Nickname: S2F-AST

Car: 1985 Nissan S12 Silvia/Gazelle Hatchback


Joined: 10/01/2005

Member #467
Num: #467

Name: Ben

Nickname: bC

Car: 200SX S14A

Mods: Usual bolt-on modifications + Vertex kit

Joined: 19/01/2005

Member #468
Num: #468

Name: Mark

Nickname: CosmoS13

Car: Nissan Silvia Q's

Mods: Full Respray COSMO MICA Purple 17" Chrome Zenetti Rims 2&1/4" Blitz Blast Exhaust Panel Air Filter Heavy Duty Clutch (Exedy) Sony Xplode - Head Deck, 6&1/2" splits, 6x9's JBL 600 Watt Amp Boston Generator 12" Sub

Joined: 20/01/2005

Member #469
Num: #469

Name: Raymond

Nickname: A'PEXi

Car: Nissan Silvia S15

Mods: Stock

Joined: 20/01/2005

Member #472
Num: #472

Name: ryan

Nickname: joe black

Car: nissan 180sx

Mods: to many

Joined: 31/01/2005

Member #477
Num: #477

Name: Reegan

Nickname: ReG180

Car: 180sx


Joined: 10/02/2005

Member #478
Num: #478

Name: Kim

Nickname: Mr-M00D

Car: Nissan S15

Mods: hks cams full 3inch exhust ss manifold blitz EBC tein NA street spec

Joined: 10/02/2005

Member #479
Num: #479

Name: Brad

Nickname: DjDestroyer

Car: 180SX

Mods: 40mm Wide Body KIT, Veilside Front Bar, Side Skirts and Rear Skirt. Custom Rear Wing. 16" 3 Piece Wheels, 3" Exaust off Hyfloed Turbo running 13psi. MOMO Interior and The Car Is BLACK. REGO (BA 0690)

Joined: 11/02/2005

Member #481
Num: #481

Name: Michael

Nickname: Turner

Car: S13 Silvia CA18DET

Mods: ***FOR SALE*** - Bodykit, 18's, Imola Orange Paintjob, Exhaust, POD filter, GFB B.O.V, Adjustable boost controller, oil catch can, Hybrid FMIC, Garret T28, Microtech MTX8, Microtech turbo timer, Cams, GTR throttle body, Walbro fuel pump, 170.3rwKW @ 16psi, Koni adjustables, Heavy duty clutch, Basic pioneer stereo with 12 inch BOSS sub, Integra type R Recaros, Momo s/w, Boost gauge, Monster tacho with shift light. $16,000neg. EMAIL ME IF INTERESTED... michael_wpa@hotmail.com

Joined: 14/02/2005

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