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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

Member #312
Num: #312

Name: Matt

Nickname: Blue_S15

Car: S15 Silvia

Mods: 3 inch Hks exhaust, trust pod, Hks FMIC, Apexi front brake rotors? Ohlins coilovers, Aftermarket clutch

Joined: 06/04/2004

Member #316
Num: #316

Name: Daniel

Nickname: dan479

Car: Nissan 200sx 1995 S14

Mods: full 3inch exhaust with 5 inch HKS tip,Custom Frount mount intercooler,Greddy Guages,GTR wing, front bar and skirts, HKS pod filter, aftermarket dual core radiator, momo steering wheel, fizz turbo timer,grex gear knob, Michrotech cumputer, 18inch deepdish rims, Custom purple re-spray.

Joined: 10/04/2004

Member #326
Num: #326

Name: Roger

Nickname: SFT-180

Car: 1989 180SX

Mods: its stock

Joined: 23/04/2004

Member #330
Num: #330

Name: Karlos

Nickname: R33silviaturbo

Car: Nissan Silvia

Mods: 1995 R33/2.5 Litre Turbo,R33/5 Speed manual,Aftermarket Intercooler,Adjustable Turbo-Boost,presently@10lb.:189Kwts@rear-wheels.

Joined: 28/04/2004

Member #331
Num: #331

Name: Kylie

Nickname: Radgirl

Car: Nissan 200SX


Joined: 30/04/2004

Member #342
Num: #342

Name: dave

Nickname: allryz

Car: 200sx s14


Joined: 13/05/2004

Member #345
Num: #345

Name: Leng

Nickname: hZrDuS

Car: 2002 Nissan 200sx Spec R GT

Mods: Stock as a rock :P

Joined: 21/05/2004

Member #346
Num: #346

Name: Brendan

Nickname: Mulldog

Car: Skyline R33 GTS

Mods: 180kw @ treads at 9psi fmic 3" exaust Safc2 18x8 BSA

Joined: 24/05/2004

Member #365
Num: #365

Name: James

Nickname: James

Car: S13 silvia

Mods: K&N Air filter, everything else standard. Chrome Alba 17' rims.

Joined: 28/06/2004

Member #370
Num: #370

Name: Gordon

Nickname: colt_government

Car: Nissan Silvia S13

Mods: Nothing NA car

Joined: 13/07/2004

Member #374
Num: #374

Name: Michael

Nickname: fwost

Car: S14 Series 2

Mods: GT-30 Garret Ball Bearing Turbo Turbosmart Type 2 Blowoff Valve S15 Engine Forged Pistons Oil Catch Can HKS Airfilter Micks Metal Craft FMIC 265 rear, 235 front (18's) External Wastegates K-Mac Suspension Autometer Boost Gauge Apexi Turbo Timer Custom Made Heavy Duty Clutch heaps other stuff

Joined: 16/07/2004

Member #379
Num: #379


Nickname: Blue Silvia

Car: Blue S13


Joined: 22/07/2004

Member #384
Num: #384

Name: mcleo

Nickname: mac

Car: s15 200sx spec s gt 2002

Mods: dotkit coilovers all round, ported cylinder head with hks headgasket fitted, custom exhaust manifold, 3.5" stainless exhaust system from turbo back,chiptorque chip, 600x300x75 intercooler, 600hp fuel pump, z32 airflow meter, stainless surge tank etc.. 198 klw at the wheels on 18psi

Joined: 30/07/2004

Member #385
Num: #385

Name: DRiFT[]\[]

Nickname: DRiFT[]\[]


Mods: Just A Few HKS mods "wink wink" ;)

Joined: 30/07/2004

Member #387
Num: #387

Name: Ramon

Nickname: ex_zero

Car: Nissan 180sx

Mods: Intercooler, 3" exhaust, blow off valve, upgraded fuel pump, injectors, 2-way LSD

Joined: 03/08/2004

Member #391
Num: #391

Name: William

Nickname: nissanpower

Car: Nissan 180SX

Mods: stock as a rock ;)

Joined: 14/08/2004

Member #393
Num: #393

Name: Dave

Nickname: SilviHA

Car: S13 Silvia

Mods: cf bonnet, 17inch rims, cream leather... Loads of other rice features

Joined: 16/08/2004

Member #397
Num: #397

Name: brad

Nickname: RSK11N

Car: S13 Silvia


Joined: 23/08/2004

Member #398
Num: #398

Name: Steven

Nickname: Stiki

Car: s14 Series 2

Mods: 18"Rims, Turbo back exhaust, front mount cooler and DNA boost controler

Joined: 23/08/2004

Member #404
Num: #404

Name: Jason

Nickname: Jas

Car: Nissan Silvia Spec R S15

Mods: Full Apexi Exhaust System, Apexi Power Fc, Apexi Power Intake Apexi Turbo Timer, Cusco Strut Bars (Front and Rear), Hybrid Front Mount Intercooler, Autometer Boost and Oil Pressure Gauges, !8 Inch Zentti Rims, Lowerd 2 Inch All Around, GFB Boost Controller Running 198rwkw at 8PSI

Joined: 30/08/2004

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