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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

Member #184
Num: #184

Name: Dale

Nickname: dcoghlan

Car: S15

Mods: Exhaust, pod, bov, FMIC, boost controller, ECU, wheels, handling kit, lowered

Joined: 17/08/2003

Member #187
Num: #187

Name: Steve

Nickname: driftsex

Car: Nissan 180SX

Mods: White Volk TE37, JIC Coilovers, Drift Pineapples, Greddy V-SPL FMIC, 3" Front+Dump Pipe, Hi-Flow Cat, Fujitsubo Power Getter Exhaust, Power FC, Z32AFM, K&N Pod, Fuel Pump, Bleed Valve, Sard Fuel Pressure Reg., Sard R2D2 BOV, Front+Rear Strut Brace, Heavy Duty Clutch, Red Bride + Cream Leather Interior. 177rwkw

Joined: 29/08/2003

Member #189
Num: #189

Name: Sandra

Nickname: Sandra

Car: S13


Joined: 03/09/2003

Member #193
Num: #193

Name: Aaron

Nickname: MrWasabi

Car: Nissan 180sx

Mods: Intercooler, 4"turbo back exhaust, lowered, milled air flow meter etc

Joined: 08/09/2003

Member #197
Num: #197

Name: Brendan

Nickname: The Dragon

Car: Nissan Silvia S13

Mods: S15 turbo, 3"exhaust from turbo back, pod filter, Bov, Boost controll

Joined: 17/09/2003

Member #198
Num: #198

Name: Brendan

Nickname: Serial Killa

Car: 1990 S13 Silvia CA18DE

Mods: Adjustable suspension, 2.5 inch exhaust cat back, 18 inch rims, Clarion tape deck and changer, mesh insert grille replacement.

Joined: 22/09/2003

Member #200
Num: #200

Name: Dennis

Nickname: ucb05t

Car: Nissan Pulsar Q's


Joined: 27/09/2003

Member #204
Num: #204

Name: Trent

Nickname: NYT_GOD

Car: 1992 Nissan Silvia

Mods: 17

Joined: 06/10/2003

Member #205
Num: #205

Name: Anthony

Nickname: ai_04

Car: gti-r with big white wheels

Mods: hks filter, pro sheepdog blow off, twin dump pipe, 3" exhaust (incl. hi-flow cat), cusco strut brace, gab damper asjustables on custom springs, bleed valve, bosch 984 fuel pump, sard fuel pressure regulator, and 17" rims on a shocking set of tyres.

Joined: 06/10/2003

Member #211
Num: #211

Name: Noel

Nickname: Rolls

Car: Silvia ,PS13, SR20 DET,manual.

Mods: GT28 Garret Turbo, Turbosmart 38mm External Wastgate, Turbosmart 38mm Plumb Back blow off valve, Turbosmart E-Boost Electronic Boost Controller(40psi), Custom Intercooler 600 x 300 x 75mm, Stainless Steel Extractors, High Flow Cat 115cfm, Custom Dump Pipe, Apexi 75mm Stainless Steel Exhaust System, Apexi Power Intake filter, Apexi Power FC Computer, 300ZX Airflow Meter, 300ZX Fuel Pump, Nismo 16 inch Mag Wheels, Nismo Strut Brace, Nismo Chassi Brace, Full Nismo Suspension under car Rolling Stock, Nismo Rear Spoiler, Nismo Speedo 260KPH, Registered in Queensland Rego # "SILVIA"

Joined: 13/10/2003

Member #217
Num: #217

Name: Jim

Nickname: Thingy

Car: Honda CBR600F4

Mods: Err ... gear rack? Rear mudguard? Me?

Joined: 23/10/2003

Member #224
Num: #224

Name: ryan

Nickname: stepple

Car: 180sxs

Mods: t28,600x300x76 apexi cooler,3" mandrel bent zorst,turboxs boost controler up to 1 bar boost ,17" gold advantek rims ,veilside body kit, turboxs rfl bov,

Joined: 08/11/2003

Member #228
Num: #228

Name: Anthony

Nickname: Mako

Car: JDM SW20 MR2

Mods: None

Joined: 17/11/2003

Member #231
Num: #231

Name: mark

Nickname: xXxWizzerXxX

Car: nissan 180sx


Joined: 28/11/2003

Member #239
Num: #239

Name: Andrew

Nickname: cunzor

Car: Sileighty

Mods: 3" turboback exhaust, powerFC + commander, s15 t28, K&N pod filter, BOV, Z32 AFM, Greddy Electronic Boost contoller, 550cc injectors in custom rail, walbro 550hp fuel pump, malpassi fuel reg, Hybrid Tube & fin FMIC, intercooler water spray, HD Systems Coilovers, adjustable camber tops, 17" diablo concept 5 rims, freshly sprayed in white pearl, r33 front seats, silvia front end

Joined: 07/12/2003

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