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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

Member #241
Num: #241

Name: Sam

Nickname: SamBo

Car: 1990 S13 with SR20DET

Mods: S15 radiator, S15 intercooler, Pod filter, T28 turbo, 17" rims, 2.5" exhaust, ricey blue front strut brace :)

Joined: 17/12/2003

Member #242
Num: #242

Name: Llewellyn

Nickname: Gamer

Car: 92 180sx SR20DET

Mods: Sports springs, front strut brace, Sports muffler, Pod air filter FMIC, heavy duty clutch, rolling on 17" 7spoke racing gear rims, custom paint, MFX flared gaurds. customised red interior

Joined: 22/12/2003

Member #243
Num: #243

Name: shannon

Nickname: KLR-180

Car: nissan 180sx s13

Mods: curently been repaired......

Joined: 25/12/2003

Member #244
Num: #244

Name: Robbie

Nickname: TEMTD

Car: 1990 Nissan R32 Skyline DRFTD

Mods: -R32 GTR Front Bar -Autogauge/Smoke Series Tachometer -Autogauge/Smoke Series Boost Gauge -Autogauge/Smoke Series Water Temp Gauge -Custom DIN Triple Gauge Mount -Stainless 3" Exhaust -Divorced Dump Pipe -NISMO Strut Brace -Custom Alloy Surge Tank -BLITZ Blow Off Valve -Apexi Pod Filter -Cusco Catch Can -Custom Alloy Breather Tank -APEXi SAFCII -APEXi AVCR Boost Controller -600x300x76 FMI -Full Silicone Hose Kit -500HP Bosch Fuel Pump -Cobra Race Seats -G-Tech Pro -Earls Braided Oil Lines -Billet Dash Surround --------------------------------------- MORE TO COME STAY TUNED!

Joined: 26/12/2003

Member #246
Num: #246

Name: Brock

Nickname: letsgodriftin

Car: S13 Nissan Silvia Club K's

Mods: Engine Hardware SR20DET HKS GT2535 Ball bearing turbocharger Hybrid Front mount intercooler (600x300x76) Low (6psi) and High (15psi) boost settings 13b 550cc Injectors on stainless fuel rail 3" Dump pipe with 3" Walker Catalytic converter 3 1/4" Fujitsubo twin exhaust with 2 x 2 1/2" Mufflers 41mm 3 row radiator & twin 10" thermo fans Apexi power intake Polished rocker cover and inlet runners Aluminium Radiator Overflow Transmission Standard S13 5-speed gearbox Daikin 950Kg clutch Suspension Eibach springs on rear Bilstein shocks / coil-overs on front Whiteline Bars Front strut brace Rolling Stock 17x7 inch starcope rozza rims Z32 4 pot front brakes Body Work Stage 21 wide front fenders Carbon Fibre vented bonnet Full nismo factory option bodykit Fuel System Polished fuel surge tank Bosch 910 main pump APEXi adjustable fuel regulator Electronics APEXi EL Boost gauge Razo turbo timer Z32 Air flow meter ECU Daughter card tuned by Chiptorque Digital climate control VDO water temp, oil temp and volts gauges Stereo Pioneer tape deck Pioneer 6 Stacker CD unit Kenwood 4-Channel Amplifier Kenwood 6x9s in rear Kenwood 6x9s in front doors Performance Latest G-tech Times 0-100 in 4.4 seconds 1/4 mile in 12.7 seconds@114mph

Joined: 28/12/2003

Member #249
Num: #249

Name: Michael

Nickname: Mick

Car: Nissan Silvia S13


Joined: 05/01/2004

Member #251
Num: #251

Name: Luke

Nickname: cypher1024

Car: 1989 180sx

Mods: None worth mentioning

Joined: 09/01/2004

Member #259
Num: #259

Name: Gina

Nickname: g

Car: s15 200sx spec-r


Joined: 23/01/2004

Member #261
Num: #261

Name: Luke

Nickname: KrYpTiK

Car: S13 Silvia

Mods: Stock

Joined: 26/01/2004

Member #270
Num: #270

Name: Thuan

Nickname: Thuan

Car: Nissan 180sx

Mods: - Lowered - Cat-back - BOV - Air filter

Joined: 08/02/2004

Member #271
Num: #271

Name: Mazen

Nickname: Maz or DA180

Car: Nissan180SX SR20DET

Mods: *18" AME Chrome Wheels *3 1/2" Tubro back exhuast with high flow cat and 5" tip cannon exhaust *Turbo Smart Type 2 BOV * Redline Airpod * 550 HP Wallbro fuel pump, *Boost guage, turbo timer, immobilizer, neons, sound system,

Joined: 08/02/2004

Member #272
Num: #272

Name: Alberto

Nickname: DIV10S

Car: S14 series 2


Joined: 08/02/2004

Member #273
Num: #273

Name: ADAM

Nickname: ADS

Car: S15

Mods: I dont want to cry when i look in my wallet !!!

Joined: 08/02/2004

Member #275
Num: #275

Name: Viet

Nickname: Nismodified

Car: R33 Sperm whale

Mods: K&N Air filter + Custom Airbox + CAI, Apexi safc, 17x8 Maystorm Jap wheels, Front bar/skirts/rear pods etc

Joined: 09/02/2004

Member #276
Num: #276

Name: Adam

Nickname: Sik_180

Car: 180sx

Mods: Exhaust, Pod Filter, Turbosmart 2 Stage Boost controller, Custom Jetspeed Bodykit, Respray in Silver with Blue Pearl, 18" AME wheels, Re-Trimmed Blue Interior...

Joined: 09/02/2004

Member #278
Num: #278

Name: Keven

Nickname: Loki Boyracer

Car: 1983 ADM AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin

Mods: 1983 ADM AE86 Toyota Corolla Levin JDM 88kw 4AGE, HKS filter, 2" Exhaust, JDM T50 gearbox, AW11 MR2 Flywheel, Exedy heavy duty clutch, Whiteline 315mm control springs (front), K-Mac custom springs (rear), Whiteline radius rod to chasis mounts, Whiteline lower control arm bushes, Bendix metal pads (front), T18 rear end, stripped out interior, Nardi Wheel, Jamex pedals, copious stickers.

Joined: 10/02/2004

Member #279
Num: #279

Name: Deepak

Nickname: Pac

Car: 1994 Bluebird ATTESSA AWD

Mods: 3" Exhaust System K&N Air & Oil filter Custom Cold Air Intake AutoMeter Boost Guage 17" white rims with Pirelli Tyres Blitz Turbo Timer Turbo Smart Vee Port BOV Gizzmo 4 Stage Electronic boost Controller Custom made Stall converter Strenghten Gearbox Lowared Whiteline Springs Kenwood Deck plus pioneer speakers 1000w 4 Channel Boss Amp all the info is on here www.cardomain.com/id/mrsss

Joined: 13/02/2004

Member #281
Num: #281

Name: Alex

Nickname: Black Stallion

Car: s13 NA auto


Joined: 18/02/2004

Member #282
Num: #282

Name: Michael

Nickname: l6a6w6s6

Car: 180sx

Mods: easier to look here: http://www.sr20tuning.com

Joined: 19/02/2004

Member #289
Num: #289

Name: Christian

Nickname: bug_s13sr20det

Car: silvia s13 sr20det

Mods: 3

Joined: 01/03/2004

Member #294
Num: #294

Name: nathan

Nickname: dik180

Car: sr20 93'180sx

Mods: catback, fmic, 2way nismo mech lsd

Joined: 09/03/2004

Member #295
Num: #295

Name: Clint

Nickname: Fergo

Car: Nissan 180sx

Mods: Blitz Boost Guage, Moto Form 16 inch rims, Veilside kit, K&N pod, turbosmart seq BOV, many other little extras.

Joined: 13/03/2004

Member #298
Num: #298

Name: Victor

Nickname: Vic

Car: S14a 200sx

Mods: front mount air filter turbo back exhaust 17' rims bodykit sound system

Joined: 17/03/2004

Member #301
Num: #301

Name: Troy

Nickname: osiris23

Car: 180SX

Mods: GTR Blue, C-West front bar, Vertex skirts and rear bar, RB20det conversion, GT2840 Turbo, EMS computer, Retrimmed interoir, Lots of other work.

Joined: 22/03/2004

Member #303
Num: #303

Name: Hunter

Nickname: S15R

Car: S15


Joined: 26/03/2004

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