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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

Member #124
Num: #124

Name: Bob

Nickname: flyn-13

Car: 1993 Nissan Silvia S13 Q's


Joined: 02/05/2003

Member #126
Num: #126

Name: John Yu-an

Nickname: stockS15

Car: S15 2001 200sx SPEC-S

Mods: stock

Joined: 04/05/2003

Member #128
Num: #128

Name: SA

Nickname: sezza

Car: 1994 sil15-80

Mods: Strawberry-face conversion

Joined: 11/05/2003

Member #130
Num: #130

Name: Paul

Nickname: Tendrils

Car: 1993 180sx


Joined: 12/05/2003

Member #132
Num: #132

Name: Mathew

Nickname: Mr Fusion

Car: Nissan 180sx

Mods: K and N Pod filter + Metal Induction Pipe 3" Turbo Back exhaust Apexi EL2 Boost Gauge and Greddy Single Pillar Holder Greddy V-SPL Intercooler GFB Hybrid BOV Plumbed Back Blitz Dual SBC Spec R Boost Controller R32 Front Brake Upgrade, 5 Stud Upgrade S15 Seats Nardi Classic Steering wheel Stereo Trust Gear Knob S15 Wheels with Dunlop Direzza DZ101 Tyres JIC Coilovers Front and Rear Selbys Swaybars Drift Pineapples set to all round Garrett GT28RS Turbo "driftshop.com.au" Stainless Steel Manifold Other stuff too

Joined: 13/05/2003

Member #135
Num: #135

Name: Chris

Nickname: Lembo

Car: S14 200sx

Mods: Front Mount intercooler, Exaust, BOV, Micro Tech Computer, 550cc injectors, external wastegate, electronic Boost Controller, Bosch Fuel Pump garett GT28 BB Turbo on top mount manifold

Joined: 15/05/2003

Member #136
Num: #136

Name: Shane

Nickname: TRBLSM

Car: Nissan S15

Mods: Standard...

Joined: 17/05/2003

Member #138
Num: #138

Name: Dan

Nickname: OOP-55Z

Car: 1995 200sx


Joined: 18/05/2003

Member #150
Num: #150

Name: Billy

Nickname: -=DRIFT-D-Ks=-

Car: 1992 silvia K's sr20det

Mods: 600x300x75 FMIC Greddy Profec B electronic boost controler 3"exaust turbo back Simota air Filter

Joined: 28/05/2003

Member #153
Num: #153

Name: Andrew

Nickname: KRPTSX

Car: Nissan 200SX (S14a)

Mods: HKS GT2530 Turbo JCI Custom Mainfold JCI Dump pipe HKS Air Filter HKS Type S Intercooler HKS Super Drager Muffler with "3.5" Exhaust from Turbo Back Blitz BOV Blitz DC II TT 18X8 rims front 18X9 rims rear Baby Yellow Leather Interior S15 Side S

Joined: 01/06/2003

Member #159
Num: #159

Name: Paul

Nickname: PJD-S13

Car: S13 Silvia

Mods: Front mount, surge tank, 2 fuel pumps, cusco coil overs - front, gab adjustables - rear, s14 brake conversion, s14 hub swap to 5 stud, 4.4.1 diff - lsd, recaro drivers seat, s15 passanger seat, nismo gear nob, cusco strut bars, mild body kit ,blue and purple pearl paint.

Joined: 15/06/2003

Member #164
Num: #164

Name: DaeHyun (David)

Nickname: DHK80Y



Joined: 22/06/2003

Member #166
Num: #166

Name: Peter

Nickname: NewKleer

Car: 88 R31 Skyline (Redtop RB20DET)

Mods: 3" Exhaust

Joined: 26/06/2003

Member #167
Num: #167

Name: Spiro

Nickname: QUIKSX

Car: Nissan 180sx 94 model


Joined: 01/07/2003

Member #169
Num: #169

Name: Simon

Nickname: slyder

Car: Nissan 180SX

Mods: 1995 SR20DET

Joined: 11/07/2003

Member #171
Num: #171

Name: Ramon

Nickname: Razor

Car: Nissan Onevia 89 CA18DET

Mods: Reco'd CA18DET with Arias forged pistons, Garrett GT28 turbo, GTR FMIC, GTR Fuel pump, GTS-T radiator, HKS EBC, APEXi SAFC, 3" exh, Exceedy Brass Button Clutch, Oil Catch Can, Cold Air Box and Cold Air Intake. Blitz stiffness adj. shocks at rear with aluminium pineapples. Monza camber adj. shocks at front with strut bar. 15" deep dish rims sprayed drift black with a spray can ;)

Joined: 14/07/2003

Member #173
Num: #173

Name: Garth

Nickname: Garth

Car: Nissan 200sx S14

Mods: S14 high Spec 200sx mods include 19inch wheels Bosh 500hp fuel pump lowered 2 1/2 inchs GT28 ball bearing turbo Plus low mount mainfold 3 inch exhaust with high flow cat and dump pipe gready turbo timer, autometer gauge Excedy Heavy duty clutch. Automatic Diff with lower ratios. Boost Controller just to name a few.

Joined: 16/07/2003

Member #175
Num: #175

Name: Mitchell

Nickname: MJD 302

Car: 200sx

Mods: trust front mount, 3inch exhaust, bov, filter, tv

Joined: 22/07/2003

Member #181
Num: #181

Name: A.S.

Nickname: impact_white

Car: white 180sx

Mods: 1994 KRPS13, 90k kms spent sideways in Japan HKS pod filter HKS super dragger cat-back 3 1/2 inch Blitz BOV Bilstein coilovers (front) KYB BuzzSpec adjustable dampening (rear) front strut brace (pink) aftermarket clutch HKS boost guage Pivot RHU

Joined: 08/08/2003

Member #183
Num: #183

Name: Billy

Nickname: Cranky

Car: Nissan Silvia 180 SX

Mods: To many to be listed

Joined: 11/08/2003

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