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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

No Image Currently Available
Num: #497

Name: Phunet

Nickname: Tul

Car: Skyline R33 GTR


Joined: 16/03/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #498

Name: FERO

Nickname: FERO

Car: s15

Mods: nil

Joined: 18/03/2005

Member #499
Num: #499

Name: Wayne

Nickname: rps13_180sx

Car: Type X 180sx


Joined: 18/03/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #500

Name: Lester

Nickname: the_true_jojo

Car: 180sx


Joined: 18/03/2005

Member #501
Num: #501

Name: Sex

Nickname: SEXDR

Car: Nissan 200Sx S14

Mods: ENGINE: SR20DET, Ceramic coated JE fored pistons, ported head, Ceramic coated bustion chambers ENGINE ACCESSORIES: Garrett 600hp ball-bearing turbo, Turbosmart 45mm external wastegate, Mick's Metalcraft air-to-air 'cooler, Turbosmart Type3 BOV, 3.5 inch exhaust, XF falcon 65mm throttle body, 4 standard injectors, 4 auxiliary 600cc injectors, Argo steel rods, Trust head gasket, solid camlifter conversion, A'pexi Vernier cam gears, EMS ECU, Turbosmart boost controller DRIVELINE HARDWARE: C4 3-speed manually shifted automatic, 4500rpm stall converter, 350mm vented rotors with Brembo four piston calipers (off a porsche)(front), braided brake lines BODYWORK: Full custom X-racing widebody kit : Front bar, bonnet, headlight covers, mirrors, fenders, side skirts, rear bar, wing and 3 chrome wings, truck tail lights, mesh and metel rods, Standox Monza red with airbrushing by Advanced Airbrushing. INTERIOR: White and red Leather re-trim, WRX seats, Autometer gauges, RPM harnesses, neons and lights, Pioneer head unit, Alpine v12 amp, MTX splits, pioneer 6x9s ROLLERS: (front) AME Modeast 19x7" with 225/30 rubber (rear) AME Modeast 20x10" with 255/30 rubber

Joined: 19/03/2005

Member #502
Num: #502

Name: Joshua

Nickname: jawsh

Car: KS13 Silvia

Mods: 1989 Nissan Silvia Ks CA18DET Factory 5 speed manual Black 94000KMs TBO front bar Rear wing removed A'PEXi S-AFC II GReddy PRofec-B boost controller HKS Wastegate actuator Yashio Factory radiator Trust oil cooler Oil filter relocation kit POD filter Oil catch can Blitz turbo timer A'PEXi dump,cat,muffler HKS Hyper Tip Nismo clutch OS Giken flywheel 1.5 Way mechanical LSD HICAS II Cusco front and rear strut bars Ohlins racing shocks A'PEXi springs Enkei RP01 wheels Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 tyres Interior MOMO steering wheel Aftermarket seat Four point racing harness Razo gear knob GReddy a-pillar boost gauge GReddy oil pressure gauge GReddy fuel pressure gauge GReddy oil temp gauge GReddy water temp gauge GReddy exhaust temperature gauge Audio Pioneer Carrozzeria Stereo, CD stacker, Sub, 2 way splits, 4 way rears

Joined: 26/03/2005

Member #503
Num: #503

Name: Jamie

Nickname: damasta3

Car: 1991 Onevia

Mods: Full 2.5" catback exhaust with 4 inch tip muffler, Blitz SUS POD filter, S15 front seats, momo steering wheel. hmm not much u can do to NA. coming soon..full OBK vertex kit.... sr20det conversion late this year ealry next.

Joined: 27/03/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #504

Name: Alan

Nickname: driftspec

Car: Nissan 180sx

Mods: FMIC, BOV, Exhaust, Filter.

Joined: 02/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #505

Name: Carter

Nickname: CART3R



Joined: 03/04/2005

Member #507
Num: #507

Name: Ben

Nickname: Radar

Car: silvia

Mods: upgraded 2 sr20det,exhaust,pod,filter,stereo

Joined: 10/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #508

Name: Brenavan

Nickname: BrenV

Car: Nissan 200SX S15


Joined: 13/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #509

Name: Chaker

Nickname: bakes

Car: 180SX

Mods: Apexi Pod, Cat back zaust, chrome overflow bottle :-P, nolthanes front and back,

Joined: 13/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #511

Name: Matthew

Nickname: Matt85

Car: 1991 s13 Siliva

Mods: just a pod filter

Joined: 17/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #512

Name: Daniel

Nickname: DRF-74R

Car: Silvia s13

Mods: under construction!!!!!

Joined: 20/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #513

Name: Jay

Nickname: ucantfunkwithus

Car: 180sx

Mods: stock

Joined: 21/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #514

Name: Hakan

Nickname: HybriD-200

Car: S14a

Mods: Series 2, pearl blue, lowered, blitz pod, Greddy Type R BOV, Greddy E-manage, Hybrid GT limited edition Fmic, Hybrid electronic boost controller, Nismo fuel pump, SARD racing 'rising rate' fuel pressure regulator, 3" turbo back high-flow exhaust, heavy-duty light plate clutch ... ... ... pretty much stock!

Joined: 25/04/2005

Member #515
Num: #515

Name: Leonard

Nickname: karbonphyber

Car: Nissan 180SX 1993

Mods: R33GTR Front mount intercooler Powered by T28 Custom CAI Vertex Rear Var and Side Skirts 16x8" Volk Racing 3pce GTP rims 205F 225R JIC Magic Coilovers Cusco Adjustable Front & Rear Strut Braces Turbo Back Fujitsubo 3-3.5" Exhaust with High-flow cat 4-Puck Button Ceramic Sprung Centre Clutch Cusco Lightened Flywheel 2-Way LSD (Drift-Happy) Apexi S-AFC Controlled Bosch 040 Fuel pump HKS Mushroom Pod Filter Greddy Profec-B Electronic Boost Controller HKS Turbo Timer Pivot Retractor Half Unit Apexi EL boost gauge on pillar mount

Joined: 27/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #516

Name: Daniel

Nickname: DC

Car: Nissan 200sx S15

Mods: exhaust, power fc, boost, air intake, blue neons, pioneer system

Joined: 28/04/2005

Member #517
Num: #517

Name: Luke

Nickname: Lucius

Car: 1991 S13 Silvia K's

Mods: Exhaust,Filter, BOV, Boost Controller...

Joined: 29/04/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #519

Name: TROY

Nickname: mrn15n

Car: 85 nissan bluebird trx

Mods: s13 sr20det, stock motor, gt28rs turbo, hks pod filter, hks boost controller, 3" mandrel bent exhaust with high flow cat and straight through muffler, apexi power fc engine management, 5 speed, 3" tail shaft and loop, cut down ford 9" with lsd 3.55 gear ratio and r31 skyline axles and disk brakes, z31 front struts and brakes, lowered on gold fr 17,s with 235 rubber rear and 205 front, 2 pac pacific blue, skyline looking tail lights, fully retrimmed interior with cobra seats, tv-dvd and an ok stezza for cruizing, best et- 12.7 sec on standard ecu.

Joined: 04/05/2005

Member #520
Num: #520

Name: Brett

Nickname: Brett_sideways

Car: Silvia S13 '93

Mods: 2.5 inch catback Window Decals Alphine Sound System Autotecnica Wheel Custom Mesh Grill

Joined: 05/05/2005

Member #521
Num: #521

Name: Michael

Nickname: Chuey

Car: Sil-Eighty

Mods: HKS Turbo HKS Intercooler HKS Silicone Lines HKS Injectors HKS Pod Rising pressure fuel pump Rising fuel pressure regulator Mines ECU SuperAFC Rear Cusco adjustable coil-overs with HKS Springs Front KYB adjustable shocks with whiteline springs 6 Puck brass button clutch Apexi Exhaust

Joined: 11/05/2005

Member #522
Num: #522

Name: Mark

Nickname: 1uz_180

Car: 180sx

Mods: Plenty

Joined: 13/05/2005

No Image Currently Available
Num: #523

Name: Sumit

Nickname: Tu~fLy

Car: S13 Silvia

Mods: Redtop conversion, fresh T25G, Manual Conversion with short shift kit, 02 Rush Pod, Sleeper :)

Joined: 13/05/2005

Member #524
Num: #524

Name: Christian

Nickname: DRIFTKID

Car: S12 Gazelle

Mods: *under construction*

Joined: 18/05/2005

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