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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

Member #515
Num: #515

Name: Leonard

Nickname: karbonphyber

Car: Nissan 180SX 1993

Mods: R33GTR Front mount intercooler Powered by T28 Custom CAI Vertex Rear Var and Side Skirts 16x8" Volk Racing 3pce GTP rims 205F 225R JIC Magic Coilovers Cusco Adjustable Front & Rear Strut Braces Turbo Back Fujitsubo 3-3.5" Exhaust with High-flow cat 4-Puck Button Ceramic Sprung Centre Clutch Cusco Lightened Flywheel 2-Way LSD (Drift-Happy) Apexi S-AFC Controlled Bosch 040 Fuel pump HKS Mushroom Pod Filter Greddy Profec-B Electronic Boost Controller HKS Turbo Timer Pivot Retractor Half Unit Apexi EL boost gauge on pillar mount

Joined: 27/04/2005

Member #517
Num: #517

Name: Luke

Nickname: Lucius

Car: 1991 S13 Silvia K's

Mods: Exhaust,Filter, BOV, Boost Controller...

Joined: 29/04/2005

Member #520
Num: #520

Name: Brett

Nickname: Brett_sideways

Car: Silvia S13 '93

Mods: 2.5 inch catback Window Decals Alphine Sound System Autotecnica Wheel Custom Mesh Grill

Joined: 05/05/2005

Member #521
Num: #521

Name: Michael

Nickname: Chuey

Car: Sil-Eighty

Mods: HKS Turbo HKS Intercooler HKS Silicone Lines HKS Injectors HKS Pod Rising pressure fuel pump Rising fuel pressure regulator Mines ECU SuperAFC Rear Cusco adjustable coil-overs with HKS Springs Front KYB adjustable shocks with whiteline springs 6 Puck brass button clutch Apexi Exhaust

Joined: 11/05/2005

Member #522
Num: #522

Name: Mark

Nickname: 1uz_180

Car: 180sx

Mods: Plenty

Joined: 13/05/2005

Member #524
Num: #524

Name: Christian

Nickname: DRIFTKID

Car: S12 Gazelle

Mods: *under construction*

Joined: 18/05/2005

Member #537
Num: #537

Name: Daniel

Nickname: dipe

Car: Nissan 200SX S15


Joined: 18/06/2005

Member #538
Num: #538

Name: Eric

Nickname: s14_erixxx

Car: Nissan Silvia S14 Q's

Mods: all-stock, have to think of upgrades 1st.

Joined: 22/06/2005

Member #540
Num: #540

Name: Aimee

Nickname: SKITZD

Car: 1989 Turbo 180SX


Joined: 26/06/2005

Member #543
Num: #543

Name: Billy

Nickname: CRANKS

Car: Silver 180sx

Mods: To many to List

Joined: 05/07/2005

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