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SilviaNSW Member Gallery

Member #443
Num: #443

Name: Adrian

Nickname: Tipper_86

Car: s12 gazelle

Mods: my new new one is a dead stock rocker atm but will soon be worthy of shredding a few tyres

Joined: 24/10/2004

Member #444
Num: #444

Name: Andrew

Nickname: eckshale

Car: s15


Joined: 25/10/2004

Member #447
Num: #447

Name: Brendan

Nickname: The Fumagator

Car: S13

Mods: t3 turbo, turbo back exhaust, pod

Joined: 26/10/2004

Member #450
Num: #450

Name: Matt

Nickname: Dr.S13

Car: s13 soon (sr20det)


Joined: 03/11/2004

Member #453
Num: #453

Name: Steve

Nickname: IMPORT200SX

Car: S14a200sx

Mods: HKS FMIC, Apexi Air Filter, HKS dump pipe & Exhaust system, HKS GT 2535 Turbo, Custom stainless exhaust manifold, 660cc injectors, Walbro Fuel pump,Sard F/P regulator, Haltech E6X Engine managment system with electronic boost controller and Launch Controller,HKS turbo timer, HKS electronic boost gauge, DBA slotted/drilled disc rotors, Ferrodo pads, 19x8

Joined: 09/11/2004

Member #454
Num: #454

Name: Alex

Nickname: ONE-SIN

Car: 180SX

Mods: Vertex Body Kit, Type X Taillights, 18"x7.5" Lenso Passion wheels, GT28BB Turbo, GTR Front Mount I/C, 300ZX Fuel Pump, Boosted, Full 3 Inch Zorst, Short Shifter, Pivot RHU

Joined: 09/11/2004

Member #456
Num: #456

Name: Quang

Nickname: LS74CY

Car: Integra LS-R


Joined: 11/11/2004

Member #459
Num: #459

Name: Des

Nickname: beermonkey

Car: RPS13

Mods: Stock

Joined: 16/11/2004

Member #460
Num: #460

Name: brian

Nickname: Latino_Loco

Car: S14 200SX

Mods: Full Vertex bodykit 19in" chrome wheels hybird front mount intercooler 3in" zorst pod filter dual stage boost controller boost and amp gauges tv and dvd player

Joined: 17/11/2004

Member #462
Num: #462

Name: Nick

Nickname: nstylin

Car: 94' S14 200SX

Mods: See Forum Vehicle Gargage for Details

Joined: 26/11/2004

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